Saturday, October 12, 2013

For Person Centred Planners Everywhere

One of the joys of my life is to have found the Writer's Almanac. It's an American Public Broadcasting production and usually presented by the incomparable Mr Garrison Keillor. There are lots of snippets of interesting literary history and a poem for every day. 

You can subscribe to the Almanac. 

If you do, every day at about 2 o'clock Perth time, a little gem will drop into your in box. 

It's a bit like opening the Bible at random...most days the poetry is...poetry...the finest expression of human experience and emotion that there is. 

But every now and then, a poem appears and you feel as convicted by it and connected to it as if the Holy Spirit had come and anointed your head with tongues of fire...a word from the Lord...the message is for you!!

On the 7th August, after 3 days of training facilitators of The Big Plan (a large group, person centred planning process) this gem by Stuart Dischell was delivered by the miracle that is the world wide web…

She plans to be a writer one day and live in the City of Paris,

Where she will describe the sun as it rises over Buttes-Chaumont.

"Today the dawn began in small pieces, sharp wedges of light

Broke through the clouds." She plans to write better than this

And is critic enough to know "sharp wedges" sound like cheese. 

She plans to live alone in a place that has a terrace

Where she will drink strong coffee at a round white table.

Her terrace will be her cafe and she will be recognized

By the blue-smocked workers of the neighborhood, the concierges,

The locals at the comptoir of the tabac down the block,

And the girl under the green cross of the apothecary shop.

She plans to love her apartment where she will keep

Just one flower in a blue vase. She already loves the word apart-
Ment, whose halves please her when she sees them breaking

The line in her journal. She plans to learn the roots

Of French and English words and will search them out

As if she were hunting skulls in the catacombs.

On her walls she'll hang a timetable of the great events

Of Western History. She will read the same twenty books

As Chaucer. Every morning she will make up stories....

She looks around her Brighton room, at the walls,

The ceiling, the round knob of the rectangular door.

She listens to the voices of the neighbor's children.

A toilet flushes, then the tamp of cigarette on steel,

The flint flash of her roommate's boyfriend's lighter.

When she leaves she plans to leave alone, and every

Article she will carry, each shoe, will be important.

Like an architect she will plan this life, as once

The fortune in a cookie told her: Picture what you wish

To become, if you wish to become that picture.

"Plans" by Stuart Dischell, from Good Hope Road. © Viking, 1993. Reprinted with permission.

The power of a dream. 

Create a picture of a compelling future and feel yourself irresistibly drawn towards it.

Hear it in the sounds of the streets and the beauty of the language.

See it in the solitary flower in the blue vase.

Taste it in the bitter burn of strong coffee taken at that round white table.

Do it…read the books…design the chart…make up the stories…

Leave nothing to chance…know why every part of the picture is there…every shoe…

There is nothing formulaic here…nothing anodyne…

This is vibrant and robust...

Whatever it takes…

There are people hanging out for such a dream…for such a life…

Picture what you wish to become, if you wish to become that picture