Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pelicans and Peace

I just couldn't write yesterday. I heard the worst possible news concerning a friend of mine back in Scotland and I felt haunted all day as I thought of all that she and her two teenage children will have to face as the days go by and they have to find a way to live without the most precious man in their lives. 

My heart went out to them and all of yesterday's work and business was conducted against a hollow, empty sound that was sadness and disbelief. The day came and went and it was good to go to bed last night and put it to rest. It will be a long time before my friend and her family can lay their head on their pillow with the thought ( and now, never the assurance) that the night time's sleep will give way to a new day and an opportunity to start afresh. However, that is the very gift that I was given. 

I woke up to a fine West Australian spring morning. The sun was shining and a breeze was blowing. As I organised myself for the day ahead I was able to see all the work done in our garden yesterday. I'd been too distracted to take it in then but it was wonderful to look with fresh eyes this realise how much they had done and see again how fortunate we are to live in this particular spot. 

My working day almost always includes a drive along Canning Highway over the bridge across the river. Even on the wildest of days I think how fortunate I am to have this every day...the river snakes out on either side of the highway and I catch sight of the city and almost have to pinch myself to believe that I. Live. Here. 

And I live a life I could hardly have imagined back there in Wishaw...

It was particularly beautiful this morning. 

The pelicans had come out to enjoy it. They sat on top of the lamp posts preening themselves and then a squadron performed some aerial manoeuvres before bringing their huge bodies to a graceful landing on the Lancaster bombers flying in formation...

Exhilarating and calming all in one swoop.

I've not always appreciated it in my life, but truly, there is nothing quite like the gift of a new day. Another chance at this business of life and living. 

And although it's not a custom we practice here in Australia, in this season of Thanksgiving I am grateful for another chance.

And I am mindful of those for whom the day wakes to pain and sorrow. I wish them pelicans and peace.