Tuesday, April 1, 2014

30 days hath...April!

April...come she will

Only who would have believed 

that she would come around so quickly. 
It feels like she just turned up on my doorstep; 
an unexpected guest, taking me by surprise. 
Truth to tell, 
I was only just dusting February out of the door, 
planning on turning the mattress and airing the bed
and here's April
with her best bonnet on, beautiful in the sunlight, 
trailing a gentle breeze 
to quieten the roaring exit of March. 

I am glad to see March go. 

Too hot. Too soon. Too busy. Too long. 

No Good Friday to make a pause for sadness and contemplation. 

No Easter to raise the spirit and encourage hopefulness in the midst of...March. 

I had plans for March but they evaporated with the steaming hot days. 

Here in the Southern Hemisphere it isn't August that has the monopoly on wickedness but March.

To be endured, sweated through...

To make way for April.

Now that I am over my surprise I am glad to greet her. The cooler air has brought some clarity and energy in its wake and so I welcome April...all 30 days of her.

It seems that April is NaPoWriMo...National Poetry Writing Month. The challenge is 30 poems in 30 days...
I am no poet but I'm going to pick up the challenge and write 30 entries in the blog in 30 days...
I need to write because I'm not sure what I'm thinking these days. Maybe seeing the words on the page will help me know. 

Miss April, you are welcome here. 

Take off your bonnet, stay awhile.

Some of us could use your beauty.

photograph by the amazing Diane Lowrie