Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What do you love most about Australia, Heather? Part 2

People often ask me what I like about Australia. My reply is usually a very long list. I'm not trying to disrespect Scotland in any way. There are parts that are very beautiful and the less than lovely parts have a way of making up for that by being home to some funny, generous, kind people.

The thing that drew me most to Australia was the white light and intense colour - red earth, deep blue skies, garishly coloured plants and birds; a child's paint palette daubed on big and bold. It was SO different from the life I'd known in Scotland...I couldn't wait to get here and be part of it. I also really loved Australians, especially the Australians I was meeting. Positive, 'have a go' people. Generous spirits, open to difference. Of course, when I got here I quickly realised it wasn't the case for everyone. But that was OK, there was more about Australia that I loved and there was nothing that bothered me here that hadn't bothered me in Scotland. And whenever I was in Australia I felt as if I was a better person.

In the 6 years that I've been here I've got to be more specific about the things that I love. I've realised over time that my love of the country has really morphed into the form of a person.

Here he is...

He's a bit like the country...larger than life...very different...a positive, generous spirit who'll give things a go. From time to time he brings out the best in me (occasionally he brings out the worst) but, just like coming here, being with Rick has opened up a life for me that I just could not have imagined.

I've had the best birthday of my life today. And it is thanks to this man. Not just because the house is now full of Lana Turner roses, or because I've been wined and dined in style for the past couple of days. It's because of the loving kindness he has showered on me today and has shown me practically everyday we've been together.

He's not a saint and neither am I. We're hardly a perfect couple. But our life together works and seems to me to be richer, fuller, kinder and more lovely than the sum of its parts.

I've had the best day today...and the past 6 years have been the best time of my life...thanks to this man...

That's who I love most about Australia xxx